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On November 11th it is Remembrance Day when we can reflect on the ultimate sacrifice our brave soldiers took in giving their life so we could live in peace.

I would like to encourage millions of meditators from around the world to stop and meditate for a while on peace and harmony everywhere . Imagine the power of love throughout the earth descending on our planet all at the same time!

So come on, lets pay this forward and try to make a difference. Have faith and give it a go. It only takes ten minutes, so do yourself and future generations a favor

I am sure our ancestors would appreciate some effort made on their behalf.


I believe in the power of our thoughts, our actions, what we say, and how we do it. Unconditional love is the foundation of building a strong healthy environment This not to say to be wishy washy or fuzzy wuzzy. It is about speaking the truth and responding to our environment in a calm and well researched manner. It is about looking at all the facts and then deciding how best to respond that will be the best for all concerned.It is about taking a second to ponder the facing issues before rushing  into a reaction. It is about  accepting of all things, yet still taking care to respond.

It doesn’t mean to take harsh risks or going into dark waters. It doesn’t mean to blindly follow anyone at all times.Where there is harmony there is love Where their is good leadership there is love. Where there is prosperity there is love. Where there is longevity and prolonged success for all things in all corners of the world, there is unconditional love.


I am so gratefull that  RUOK was initiated by some thoughtfull people in order to bring awareness to the people with mental illness and/or suicide, both  which are on the rise, which speaks heaps about the way we manage our daily lives.


So what does it all mean? It means that we need to focus on what we do and what we say to each other What is encouraging and what is discouraging How does words and actions impact another persons emotional state

My mother tells stories of when she was young, and how trusting respectfull and honest people were. She says there were no gangs She says that there is too much violence today.  The news is full of more people being gang bashed every day. Children are  kidnapped and left for dead.  Older people are lured to false hopes and their money stolen. Streets  of cars are  smashed just for fun!! Properties are robbed Shops smashed and people abused.

Seriously what is happening to the world? There is clearly more unpleasant stories than pleasant ones The world is in fight mode and is a train coming down and there not a lot we can do! It is very scary!!


However small steps can turn into ripples across the globe. Start today. Ask your friend relative or loved one RUOK? They will probably say Yep I’m ok mate, what about you ? We need to say it again and again and express the need to be serious because most people who suffer a mental illness or suicide have been seen to be coping. No one had a clue they were suicidal. They are silent and often seen to be the quiet achiever looking after everyone else being a true friend,while  they themselves need a voice and to be heard.

So please ask it over and over RUOK and take genuine interest in each other. Start doing a good day every day. It doesn’t have to be much. Something as a smile can brighten someone’s day. Maybe open the door for someone, or pay a compliment or say ‘thank you’.

Let’s take the challenge and pay it ‘forward today’.


September is Dementia Awareness Week. I have just completed a free on line course course with the University Of Tasmania on Dementia Studies that is presented throughout the world.

Here you can find the up to date findings that  alerts us to the risks associated with Dementia and mental illness -the anatomy of the brain, and how the brain changes to be more vulnerable to mental illness and what may assist to the prevention of this.

Unfortunately we tend to think of Dementia as  an old persons health issue. Not so anymore! It is a progressive disease and many people in their 40’s 50’s are vulnerable.  It rips out the brain and the person who  is deemed in a body that is screaming for help but sadly the brain does not respond in the way it normal should.  In my work. I see it as a living hell1

So far the findings are clear that a good diet, regular  exercise and positive lifestyle has a huge implication of either combating mental illness, and/or preventing it. I was amazed at how even small changes of exercise, diet, and lifestyle can make such as huge difference.

I felt responsible to pass on my new learning because I would hate anyone I know to succumb to this illness. So please follow a health diet -[minimum processed food], regular exercise -walking is good enough strength training is better. Then surround yourself with positive friends and family.

No more alcohol drugs and/or processed food. Unfortunately  the food we buy is highly tampered with chemicals to keep it longer, but unfortunately little goodness remains  in it.We rely on good food to provide our bodies with the nutrient it requires to manage our daily existence.  Lifestyle, fun, laughter, love, intimacy, and  validation all have a chemical response in our brain that provides immunity and prevention of illness So follow a good healthy happy lifestyle It is that simple.

So buy fresh and support our local food supplies and support our local  farmers for fresh milk ,fruit ,vegetables, meat and eggs. You will be supporting our own industry instead of putting it in the [pockets of companies who rip off the farmers



What a beautifull way to look at life.

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Contrary to what some readers may believe, I am a man who at times can be crippled by self-doubts. It may sound strange to hear that a writer who refers to himself as a wolf and world-eater can be emotionally fragile, but it’s easy to portray confidence when manipulation of the written word is your craft. The truth is that I’m my own harshest critic, and often find myself writing from a place of pain or discontent rather than happiness. I question myself, my decisions and my talents every single day. I ask if I am the writer and man that I long to be, and what I have to do in order to become that person. I deconstruct myself and my works over and over, constantly pushing myself to become more, and to give more of myself to my dreams and to others.

But living your life this way is foolish. When you…

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Introspection & Loss

Congratulations on taking the first step 4 years ago. I too wrote my own simple blog-one paragraph of writing about mental illness one month ago [ no pictures or fancy writing] just a paragraph to ask readers to start a conversation about mental illness It has been seen to be something to be ashamed of for too long. Lets all get started to chat and share our experiences and support one another. United we stand Divided we fall. All we need is Love!

I am happy to chat and share my learned ways to overcome my dark times of my life but more importantly I want to listen to yours.Don’t be afraid A problem shared is a problem halved. Mistakes are just an opportunity waiting to open.
Take care to all lost souls and make a support group



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I recently celebrated my fourth anniversary of blogging here at The Renegade Press. As with the three anniversaries prior to this one, the moment was a bitter-sweet affair of pride and introspection. Blogging has become a passion, and a source of endless pleasure that I approach with great reverence as I attempt to pour my heart and soul into everything that I create. But it hasn’t always been this way. This website was born out of a need to find myself, and to overcome my own internal torment. Four years ago I was emotionally shattered, creatively stunted, and questioning the validity of my own existence as I battled my own private demons. I was lost inside my head,desperately searching for a purpose amongst an endless torrent of fractured, self-depreciating thoughts.

Thankfully I found that purpose; and I found myself through my writing. With each new post that I create I…

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RETRAIN THE BRAIN; Is it possible? In my work area I have seen lot of possible retrained brains – meaning some people who have experienced a brain injury and have lost movement, awareness, and/or cognition, then , through different circumstances, have been able to regain some movement, some renewed awareness, and/or cognition. I would like to hear from any other one who think this is a possibility, would like to discuss more, and/or think it is impossible Please jot me a lone. I would love to hear from you Cheers retrain the brain