September is Dementia Awareness Week. I have just completed a free on line course course with the University Of Tasmania on Dementia Studies that is presented throughout the world.

Here you can find the up to date findings that  alerts us to the risks associated with Dementia and mental illness -the anatomy of the brain, and how the brain changes to be more vulnerable to mental illness and what may assist to the prevention of this.

Unfortunately we tend to think of Dementia as  an old persons health issue. Not so anymore! It is a progressive disease and many people in their 40’s 50’s are vulnerable.  It rips out the brain and the person who  is deemed in a body that is screaming for help but sadly the brain does not respond in the way it normal should.  In my work. I see it as a living hell1

So far the findings are clear that a good diet, regular  exercise and positive lifestyle has a huge implication of either combating mental illness, and/or preventing it. I was amazed at how even small changes of exercise, diet, and lifestyle can make such as huge difference.

I felt responsible to pass on my new learning because I would hate anyone I know to succumb to this illness. So please follow a health diet -[minimum processed food], regular exercise -walking is good enough strength training is better. Then surround yourself with positive friends and family.

No more alcohol drugs and/or processed food. Unfortunately  the food we buy is highly tampered with chemicals to keep it longer, but unfortunately little goodness remains  in it.We rely on good food to provide our bodies with the nutrient it requires to manage our daily existence.  Lifestyle, fun, laughter, love, intimacy, and  validation all have a chemical response in our brain that provides immunity and prevention of illness So follow a good healthy happy lifestyle It is that simple.

So buy fresh and support our local food supplies and support our local  farmers for fresh milk ,fruit ,vegetables, meat and eggs. You will be supporting our own industry instead of putting it in the [pockets of companies who rip off the farmers



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