I am so gratefull that  RUOK was initiated by some thoughtfull people in order to bring awareness to the people with mental illness and/or suicide, both  which are on the rise, which speaks heaps about the way we manage our daily lives.


So what does it all mean? It means that we need to focus on what we do and what we say to each other What is encouraging and what is discouraging How does words and actions impact another persons emotional state

My mother tells stories of when she was young, and how trusting respectfull and honest people were. She says there were no gangs She says that there is too much violence today.  The news is full of more people being gang bashed every day. Children are  kidnapped and left for dead.  Older people are lured to false hopes and their money stolen. Streets  of cars are  smashed just for fun!! Properties are robbed Shops smashed and people abused.

Seriously what is happening to the world? There is clearly more unpleasant stories than pleasant ones The world is in fight mode and is a train coming down and there not a lot we can do! It is very scary!!


However small steps can turn into ripples across the globe. Start today. Ask your friend relative or loved one RUOK? They will probably say Yep I’m ok mate, what about you ? We need to say it again and again and express the need to be serious because most people who suffer a mental illness or suicide have been seen to be coping. No one had a clue they were suicidal. They are silent and often seen to be the quiet achiever looking after everyone else being a true friend,while  they themselves need a voice and to be heard.

So please ask it over and over RUOK and take genuine interest in each other. Start doing a good day every day. It doesn’t have to be much. Something as a smile can brighten someone’s day. Maybe open the door for someone, or pay a compliment or say ‘thank you’.

Let’s take the challenge and pay it ‘forward today’.


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