Introspection & Loss

Congratulations on taking the first step 4 years ago. I too wrote my own simple blog-one paragraph of writing about mental illness one month ago [ no pictures or fancy writing] just a paragraph to ask readers to start a conversation about mental illness It has been seen to be something to be ashamed of for too long. Lets all get started to chat and share our experiences and support one another. United we stand Divided we fall. All we need is Love!

I am happy to chat and share my learned ways to overcome my dark times of my life but more importantly I want to listen to yours.Don’t be afraid A problem shared is a problem halved. Mistakes are just an opportunity waiting to open.
Take care to all lost souls and make a support group



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I recently celebrated my fourth anniversary of blogging here at The Renegade Press. As with the three anniversaries prior to this one, the moment was a bitter-sweet affair of pride and introspection. Blogging has become a passion, and a source of endless pleasure that I approach with great reverence as I attempt to pour my heart and soul into everything that I create. But it hasn’t always been this way. This website was born out of a need to find myself, and to overcome my own internal torment. Four years ago I was emotionally shattered, creatively stunted, and questioning the validity of my own existence as I battled my own private demons. I was lost inside my head,desperately searching for a purpose amongst an endless torrent of fractured, self-depreciating thoughts.

Thankfully I found that purpose; and I found myself through my writing. With each new post that I create I…

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RETRAIN THE BRAIN; Is it possible? In my work area I have seen lot of possible retrained brains – meaning some people who have experienced a brain injury and have lost movement, awareness, and/or cognition, then , through different circumstances, have been able to regain some movement, some renewed awareness, and/or cognition. I would like to hear from any other one who think this is a possibility, would like to discuss more, and/or think it is impossible Please jot me a lone. I would love to hear from you Cheers retrain the brain

Give me a second of your time please


I’m new here so haven’t got any fancy art work -just a simple word I hope you will read.I will learn my way around in time I guess.

I would like to get some opinions, and maybe some experiences, any of you have had around mental health either as a person with a mental illness, or friend ,family, therapist, or someone who simply wants to share an opinion.

I find the brain a fascinating organ and I believe in the power of thoughts, words,  feelings,and experiences  hence ‘retrainthebrain’. Science has made some amazing discoveries of how the brain functions and what impacts it positively or negatively.

It saddens me to see so many young people in particular, who are lured into the  mind changing temptation of drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism for their circumstances. Then to have their world turned upside down for the rest of their lives, for something they had no control over, because their brain was malfunctioning, due to a change in their brain response mechanism.I also believe just as brainwashing plays out negatively, it can equally, be played out to change things around to have a positive effect to every day existence.

We are all learning in one way or another at a rapid rate,in technology in particular. We can track existence in Jupiter  but still struggle to manage a healthy, positive, peacefull existence on out own planet here on Earth, for our fellow man.

Lets start a conversation and maybe we will reveal  something new or something usefull.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.